How does it work

Ways to turn water activities into a fun adventure How to spruce up a boring beach outing? Easy as 1-2-3! All you need to do is to have just one gadget – the SEABIKE. Water bicycle SEABIKE turns any vacation into a fun-charged adventure. WHY? Because you can: - Feel like a fish in the water - Move faster than a person with flippers - Easily cover distances that seemd unreal before - Discover new ways of spending your vacation on the beach - Experience an adrenaline rush every time you are in the water How Does It Work. On a SEABIKE, you pedal just like you do on a regular bike. The effort is transferred via the reduction gear to the propeller of the bicycle. To steer, you can use the handle bar as well as the body movements. Check out our short video to see SEABIKE in motion:
SEABIKE SEABIKE has neutral buoyoncy, which allows gliding over water as well as traveling under water. Its frame is made of fiberglass, aluminum, Styrofoam, titanium and plastic.

Convenience of use

Steer the SEABIKE the way you want: - By turning the handle bar with your hands - Choose the SEABIKE model that allows to attach the SEABIKE to your body and steer hands free SEABIKE knows neither boundaries nor limitations: - Diving fan? Discover new depths with SEABIKE! - Snorking fan? Travel longer distances and see more underwater life than ever before! - Your choice - Just a casual surface swimmer? No probelm – SEABIKE will give you confidence in swimming and longer distance coverage. SEABIKE is good for anybody ages 5 and up. Fast The speed one gets on riding the SEABIKE lets everyone feel like a World Swimming Champion. Safe At SEABIKE, we only use high quality plastic titanium and alluminum alloys that have been thoroughly tested in the most demanding conditions.
SEABIKE is designed to withstand the rough salt water. It's unique construction is patent protected in Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and China. SEABIKE underwent rigorous testing all around the Adriatic to fine tune and perfect its performance. WARRANTY – 1 year from the date of purchase regardless of environment or intesiveness of use. If anything were to happen to your SEABIKE, we will either send you the right part to fix it or repair it at one of our service centers with all the shipping expenses covered by us! Small footprint SEABIKE weighs only 3 kg (6.6 lbs) when assembled. 3.5 kg (7.5 lbs) when dissembled. 70*12 cm (27.5 * 4.7 inches) – fits inside any car trunk.
Benefits SeaBike - isn't simple entertainment. It is the full-fledged cardiovascular machine of the increased efficiency. Why? SEABIKE is not just a hobby. It is a complete high efficiency cardio trainer. Excercise can be fun that never gets old. SEABIKE helps you loose unwanted weight and tone your muscles at the same time! SEABIKE improves your blood pressure and helps you build up endurance. Can i do it? Of course! As practice shows, most people only need 10-15 min to become acustomed with SEABIKE and start their first SEABIKE swim. Lots of people have tried it , and even kids! If you can ride a bike – you can use the SEABIKE. Cyclers get the hang of how to use the SEABIKE first.